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So You’re a Heel Striker, It May Be OK! – My Interview on Trail Runner Nation

Posted on May 18 2012

trail-runner-nationEarlier this week I recorded a podcast with the folks over at Trail Runner Nation. In the interview we discussed thoughts on form, footwear, and injuries (big surprise coming form me!), and talked a bit about my just-released book Tread Lightly.

One of the topics we focused on quite a bit was foot strike, and I tried to make the point that a single-minded focus on foot strike may not be wise given that it is only one aspect of the overall running gait. I also wanted to make it clear that I do not believe that every runner must run solely on their forefoot, and that mild heel striking is likely just fine if other aspects of form are good. I worry that the recent intense focus on forefoot striking has runners forcing the issue and causing themselves more trouble than if they just left things alone.

Here is the link to the podcast on the Trail Runner Nation website:

Here is the direct link to download the podcast from Itunes:

Here is the link to directly download the audio file (right-click link and “Save As”):

I hope you enjoy the interview should you choose to listen! As always, comments are welcome!

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