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Spaulding Rehab in Boston is Looking for Barefoot/Minimalist Runners for a Research Study

Posted on September 18 2014

my-running-gait-analysis-at-spaulding-3Last Fall I traveled down to Boston to visit the Spaulding National Running Center. Spaulding is both a rehab and research center, and while I was there they mentioned that they were trying to recruit barefoot and minimalist runners to participate in some of their research studies. I was recently contacted again by Spaulding and they indicated to me that they were able to get a decent number of recruits from my post. They are still looking for additional study participants and asked if I would be willing to repost my request. Here are the specifics:

What is involved:

-Come for 1 session at the Spaulding National Running Center (1575 Cambridge Street, Cambridge 02138), approximately 2-hours

-Complete multiple walk and run trials over ground and on a treadmill

-The computer system tracks your movement in 3D and the forces you produce

What you Get:

– A free running shirt

– A video of your footstrike pattern with ground reaction forces

You are eligible if:

– You are 18-60 years

– You run at lest 10 miles per week (for the past 3 months, or more)

– You haven’t had any running injuries in the past 6 months.

-You run at least half of your weekly miles in true minimal (no cushion) shoes or barefoot

If you live in the Boston area (or plan to be in Boston at some point), you meet the above criteria, and are interested in possibly participating, please fill out the form below. I will pass the information along to the folks at Spaulding so they can follow up as they add subjects to their studies.

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