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Speedy Curry

Posted on November 02 2010


Where the hell do I begin?

(I’ve typed out a sentence 4 times and deleted it, I really don’t know where to start)

I guess the starting point of what would turn out to be a great friendship is 8th grade; Cross Country and 2nd period Journalism. Who knew we’d turn out to be so similar? Working our asses of Cross Country and doing nothing at all in class. Checking NBA stats, talking about the Lakers and a myriad of jokes with a little bit of journalism in between. Qualifying for Lynbrook Invite and going over to the “big scary High School” every day after school to practice on the course even though we had no idea what the course was.

You know what, no one is going to get this so I’ll have to resort to the XC style of telling stories.

Sprinting Mile Club. Mr.G. SpeedyCurry and SpeedySpaghetti. Co-Captain. Running 7 in Mile Club. Graduating. Meeting Hank. Freshmen Year. Lynbrook Invite. Mikkie. Fresh Meat. Hawaii (oh wait). Whisper Song. Beating Lum. Sprinting every practice to beat Gene. Intervals at Murdoch, Rainbow and Scully. Slurpees. Samosas. Riding in the trunk. I Yogurt. MoneyMaker. First Grad Run. Eric’s piece of binder paper. Borat. Trick or Treating. Qualifying for CCS. Cow Hill. Hank’s PS2. The Market and Barbeque Lays. Driving back from CCS. Popping the Martinelli without a bottle opener. Guy with 3 teeth in the car next to us. K-Swiss. Coinslot. Racing the 800 in PE. Sackman. Cena. “Swimming”. Track season starts. Throw some D’s. Basketball. Me Sucking and you getting pissed off. Flaming tennis. Slurmosa basically every day. IcyHot (nuff said). 10:00.66. Sophomore Year. Another Lynbrook Invite. Passing the Fresh Meat on. Jake’s and meat pizza + pitcher of coke. Pepperdine. Robe Run. Mud everywhere. Rain everywhere. Hyphy Team cheering with us. Papaya. Mud Warrior. Rolling down the hill. Pepperdine Letters. Another grad run. More hills, more fun. No CCS. Miss. Smith’s Class. Kindu and his lion cape. Wotter. The Whale Rider. Junior Year rolls around. More running than ever. Yeah Okay! Pepperdine again. Theeeuh! The cage. Jeep! Taxi! Box Car! Bradler. Brad Singh. The Moleman. Rahaha, Nice Hat! And so it begins! Throwing water over the stall. Magic Mountain. Every single ride, over and over again. Papaya thumbs up. Two more Pepperdine letters. Angry Grad Run. More yeah Okay/silence. Miljang. Yeah Jang! Another cow hill. Another CCS. Lum cheering us on. Peach Cobblers class. Rubbing your magic stick. AJ: Asshole! Hot Karl. Another track season. Actually work hard this year. PG&E and Reservoir every week. Windy Hill. You hating me for all the runs I dragged you on. Yearbook: Never Forget… Senior Year. Camp. Fucking Camp. Ben and Jerry. Maps. Slurping. Drama Queen. 1:42 run. Go2. Hank and Jake stories. Running down the sand. People telling us to be  quiet. Stalls and Cameras. Varun –> Cyrun. Our fantasy team. Run in Nisene. Hella boring when we got back. Work our ass off during the summer. Hawaii. Singing on the plane. Pidgeons. Chalvin and his SAT book. Curry Pasta. Lace. Sprinting for the shower. Dinner at Dukes. Pictures on the beach. Exploring Waikiki. Jin Diesel. Roller Kuoster. Pictures of dogs. More pictures of dogs. Lazy run. Getting pissed…nah it’s all good. Another day on the beach. Burying Varun. Lady takes picture for us, “We’re all friends” “Yeah I can see that”. ABC Stores. Pasta Feed. Pac5. The Raiders are Coming! The race. 47-46…Voon. Hank’s burp. All sad at lunch – thirty minutes later having the time of our lives at the beach. Burying Varun (again). Viva! Cramp! Crabs. Fireworks. Getting Dinner. Everyone tired and everyone asleep. Oakleys. Waking up again. Truth or Dare. F,C or M. Dares and more dares. Walking around at 3 in the morning. “I think Ryan is cute!” Rolling off the bed. Prank calls. Drawing on Varun. Hananuma Bay. Snorkeling. Expensive food. International marketplace. Looking for gifts till the last minute. Flight back, everyone falls asleep. SFO at 5 in the morning. Charter bus. Singing all the way back home. Everyone tired the next day but smiling because of Hawaii. Last pasta feeds. Winning races. Last Grad Run. Last intervals. Last Blaney loop. One more league finals. One more CCS. One more cow hill. 4th place. Almost. Almost. Almost. One last WOH BUNDY. One more track season. Hard intervals. Last one doesn’t count. Runs in the hills. Arcadia. Ruth. Almost dying. “America, F yeah!” Storm on the way back. Wiping the windshield with her jacket. Gremlin. You having the race of your life at SCVALs. Grad and Grad night. Trying to get Vivek hypnotized. Lakers games. More Lakers games. Basketball and soccer. Failed Barbeques. Tahoe.

Amrit I didn’t know where to start and I still don’t know where to end. I’m sure in the past 700 words I’ve still barely scratched the surface on all our inside jokes, all the stupid things we did, and everything in between. You’re a great friend and wonderful person and I want to thank you for everything.

Thank you for putting up with the runs I forced you to go on. Thank you for always making me laugh no matter what the situation. And thank you for never giving up; on me, on the team, and on yourself.

This picture definitely defines you best

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