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Sweet Unrest.

Posted on January 16 2010

I’ll be concise.

I don’t know exactly what made me think about this. This isn’t a realization because I’ve known this since day one, but this is the first time I’ve put it down in words.

Life is amazing. It truly is. Not just now. Not just yesterday. Not maybe tomorrow. It is always amazing. Even when you feel like you don’t want the sun to come up in the morning, it finds a way to make you crave that next sunrise. There isn’t just one thing about it that makes it amazing, everything about it is amazing. Sure there are somethings that we say we could do without, but without the bad to compare to the good, would it be good at all? I’m young, I’ve only had the pleasure of living for 17 years, and though we sometimes want to be older, and we sometimes want to stay young, we always want to be alive.

Being alive though, what does it mean? Most of the time we are alive, but every once in a while, when everything just clicks, we feel alive. I’ve felt alive many times before, but never like this. This is new. It’s a combination of all the things that make me feel alive. Today was it. I held her. I smiled with her. I kissed her. I drove. I ran. I drove some more. I drove faster. And harder. I held her closer. I felt her close to me. I kissed her with everything I have.

I have it all. But all I really need is her.

Life is short. Maybe our greatest gift is also our damnation. We all pay a price to live. Knowledge. We know that someday this will all come to an eternal end. But a man’s life isn’t measured by how much money he makes, how many cars he has, or how many people work for him; a man’s life is measure by the amount of times he feels alive during it.

It’ll come to end for me someday, it’s inevitable. Some things are ephemeral; some day I’ll be so old and weak that I can no longer lace up my running shoes, but until that day comes I will spend my time here on earth exploring it the way nature intended me to, with my two feet.

My body will give out eventually. My mind will give out eventually. But as long as I have her, my heart will never give out.

We only get one shot at life. One shot at happiness. One shot at true love.

I’m going to make it count.

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