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Tackling The 10 Myths Of Barefoot Running: Article on Podiatry Today

Posted on January 05 2012

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My buddy Tuck over at the Yelling Stop Blog just posted a link to an interesting article published recently on the Podiatry Today website. Authored by Dr. Nicholas Campitelli, a podiatrist from Ohio, the article discusses the “10 Myths of Barefoot Running.” Dr. Campitelli is actually a minimalist running advocate, and he opens his list of myths with the following passage:

“Barefoot running, minimalist running and natural running are all terms that describe running in a manner that allows our foot to function the way it was designed (or has evolved). This happens through the use of little or no shoe at all. Many runners suffering from chronic injuries are adopting this way of running and are experiencing relief of symptoms to find themselves running with enjoyment and a more relaxing form.

I too have been cured of a running injury, which I suffered from for over eight years, after transitioning my gait to that of a “barefoot” runner. Without further ado, here are the 10 myths of barefoot running.”

To read Dr. Campitelli’s myths, head on over to Podiatry Today:

It’s probably worth reiterating my personal position on this topic – I believe that that minimalist running (or at least adopting a more barefoot-style running form) has many potential benefits, but that it is not something that must be pursued at all costs if one is already running well and injury free in typical running shoes. As always, my desire is for runners to recognize the variation in footwear options that are available, and to not be afraid to experiment with something less in a quest to find the shoe that best matches their needs. It should be interesting to watch any discussion on the subject that ensues in the comments posted after the article!

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