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Teach Every Child About Food: Jamie Oliver TED Prize Talk

Posted on February 13 2013

One of the projects I’m about to get involved in is to help the PTO at my kids’ school organize their second annual 1-mile fun run. I ran the “race” last year with my children, and we all had a blast. I got to watch my oldest son blaze the first half in the lead, only to crash and burn on the uphill return trip (his pacing needs some work…). I also discovered that my 7-year old daughter has a competitive side I never knew about – an adult woman passed her heading toward the finish line and she bolted ahead and passed her right back!

I was recently Facebook chatting with my columnist Nate Sanel about the topic of getting kids active, and as a dad he shares a similar interest in the topic. Nate has a passion for topics relating to nutrition, and he asked me if I had ever seen Jamie Oliver’s TED talk about teaching kids about food. I hadn’t, and my wife and I watched it last night. It’s one of those videos that really makes you stop and think. I like to be active, but my diet is far from pristine. Sometimes I need a reminder that I need to set a better example for my kids, and Oliver’s video really hammers this home (my wife does an amazingly good job of making sure that we eat well, I wish I were more like her in this regard).

Anyway, I wanted to share the talk here, it’s really well done and I highly recommend that you watch it:

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