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The Beautiful Mile

Posted on March 21 2017

Every runner has a favorite mile. A favorite stretch of their run they crave and come home to whenever they can.

“My ‘Beautiful Mile’ is nestled on the coast near Santa Cruz, a special place where the trail meets the water and each stride delivers on some serious breathtaking views. From hidden beaches to tranquil coves and wildlife, this coastal path surrounds me with natural beauty, and reminds me how grateful I am to be a runner.”- HOKA Athlete Magda Boulet

“My favorite mile to run is along Robert Moses beach on Long Island. You can see the whole sunset or sunrise and hear the waves crashing beyond the dunes. It’s quiet, peaceful and easy to get lost in reflection. My only wish is that it was miles longer.”- HOKA Athlete Kyle Merber

“Another one of my favorite miles holds a very special distinction: it was the first place I ever broke four minutes. It wasn’t done on a track, nor with any official timing equipment. There wasn’t even any other competitors. It’s a bit of a long story, but it began with a bet that I could not break four minutes in the mile by the end of the year. So, at 2 am on a Saturday, I lined up at the top of Bancroft Avenue next to the UC Berkeley Campus and launched myself down this one-way street. 3 minutes and 46 seconds later, I crossed the line of what seemed to be the most perfect downhill mile ever created. In the middle of the night the view may not be much, especially when running as fast as you can for pride and honor, but at any other time of day the view from this mile is breathtaking, especially around sunset when the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge are illuminated. However, I think I still prefer the midnight view.”- HOKA Athlete David Torrence

“My favorite mile is in my home town of Austin, Texas, along the Colorado River on Town Lake Trail. The mile embodies everything that is Austin, including the music scene, ‘keep Austin weird’ theme, and its cultural awareness. From its beloved Barton Springs bridge to the newly developed boardwalk, being on this mile will give you a new meaning of what it is to be active and running.”- HOKA Athlete Leo Manzano

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