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The Hardest Goodbye

Posted on September 20 2013

Life isn’t fair. That’s just the truth. Life doesn’t owe you anything. Life doesn’t owe you happiness, friendship, or love. And it is for this reason that true friendships are so special. Life doesn’t owe us friends who love us unconditionally, and who care for us above all else.  I am lucky enough to have one of these friends.

You have been there for me through it all. From 4th grade, to our senior year in college. From watching clouds go by in the sky at recess, to aimless walks around Los Gatos. Through both happiness and sadness, you’ve been the rock that keeps me grounded. You concern yourself with my problems because you truly care about me and care for my happiness. You’ve been there for me in my times of need, in the times when I feel like giving up. At the end of the day, what keeps me going is knowing that whether it’s a day away, a month away, or a year away, there will be another adventure with you and that whatever we do will make my problems melt away.

Life isn’t fair. We have to say “goodbye” more often than “hello” and each “goodbye” leaves an emptiness within us. Life isn’t fair but having you as a friend makes mine worth living. Thank you for everything; for being there for me, for standing up for me, for never a dull moment. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I truly cherish our friendship. You are the brother I never had and I’ve got your back for life.


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