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The lights didn’t go off

Posted on February 18 2017

Photo by Matt Trappe

“It was technically a branch as it wasn’t a trunk, but nonetheless, it completely knocked me to the ground. I hit my head, fell, and luckily the lights didn’t go off. My hat and glasses went flying. I got up and did a little check and started jogging again. Things seemed fine, but then I kept saying, ‘That hit me really, really hard.’ I had some scrapes from it, too. It was covered in moss. I think I registered it just as leaves, and I didn’t duck low enough. There was a lot of ducking today. We’re in hobbit land, so that’s what I figured. It’s made for shorter people. I totally got wiped out.”- HOKA Athlete and Tarawera Ultramarathon winner Jim Walmsley

Jim’s favorite shoe is the Challenger ATR 3.


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