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The Natural Penal Code

Posted on June 30 2009

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We live in a world full of rules and regulations; don’t enter here, speed limit 65, park closes half hour after sunset. Why are people so worried about following them? Sure some rules are for the better; drunk driving, using drugs, smoking in public. But those rules all make sense, they protect people, and yet others don’t seem to help people at all, rather they bring people down.

The natural world as we know it has no rules besides the rules of science, nothing prevents us from trespassing, driving fast, and running in parks after hours. Rules are made by men for other men. There is really no reason for us to follow these rules and the people who enforce them are only hurting the people that try to live beyond these limits.

Since the city is full of these rules, Runners only have one refuge; hills in the middle of the night. We don’t run at night to break the rules, we run at night because we are above the rules. We intend no harm, all we want to do is live high and never ever be brought down. We don’t run from cops, we run from oppression. We don’t run away from fear, we run with fear. We don’t run blinded by the darkness, we run lifted from the primeval high that the hills give us.

In our running shoes and short shorts no rules apply to us. The speed limit doesn’t apply to us not because we can’t reach it, but because it can’t reach us. No entry signs don’t apply to us because there is nothing stopping us from running besides a piece of wood. And the laws of gravity? Those don’t apply to us either, no matter how hard they try to keep us down, we will always reach the stars.

In the middle of the night we are no longer confined to a three foot wide space on the side of the road, the road is ours now and we run in the middle of it. When we reach the hills we are no longer bounded by “Not A Trail” signs, we don’t need people to tell us where to go, we have our hearts for that. Making our own trails just to find that perfect view. Running sure-footed into the darkness, dodging roots, hurdling bushes, and side-stepping rocks we push on. We run faster and faster, higher and higher, and yet we don’t falter, the rush of adrenaline fills us with energy and the pain disappears all together.

At the bottom of the hill all the worries that are present during the day fill our minds. The height, the darkness, the pain. We take one step up the hill and begin our endeavour. Fear still coursing through our bodies as we start the long ascent. Putting one foot in front of the other we beat on against the pain. After a few strides you take one look at the top, the stars twinkling overhead, the moon shining in the sky, and glory awaiting us at the top.

Life is simple, take the trail less travelled, and never look back…

I start running faster, and faster. Higher and higher I go. The fear creeping up behind me as I push harder. Sweat pouring down my face, my heart beating faster, and my mind getting clearer. I am drunk with power, each stride longer and faster, leaving the world behind me, my heart is set on the top and I’ll settle for nothing less…

With the end in sight I muster all the energy left in my body in the last meters. Almost there. Faster. Don’t let go. You can do it. Come on, push. God this feels good. I don’t ever want to stop. I want to live forever. Just one more stride. Give it all you’ve got. I love this so much…

I reach the top and collapse. As I regain my breath I slowly turn around…



This is why I run.

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