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The seed of doubt

Posted on January 21 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-01-20-at-11.37.19-AM“The biggest challenge of racing is not the physical toll. It is the seed of doubt. Physically you challenge yourself, yet mentally you give up. When you think about a bad patch, all of the sudden you dwell on the enormity of the race. You’re thinking ‘Gee, I’ve gone six miles on the bike and I have 106 to go.’ I always tell people to do what you can do with the moment and never look ahead. In other words, be present. When you’re present mentally you are allowed to relax. That calmness allows you to have clarity in your race. People will say, ‘Oh, you won the race six times, everything flowed nicely’. Well, hardly. I had a lot of bad, bad moments in those six wins. However, my favorite moment was during my last Kona race in 1996. I went into the race quietly thinking that at 42, I could possibly win. I didn’t have a good swim, but I was confident on the bike. Maybe 10 miles into the bike, my legs felt really sour. I started getting down on myself mentally and I wrestled with destructive behavior. About 80 miles into the bike, after droves of people had passed me, I finally said I have the opportunity. The opportunity was to run. I thought, ‘When I put those running shoes on, I’m going to smash it.’ I didn’t know it at the time but I got off of the bike at 26th place and then I finished in 5th. That was probably my greatest racing day.”– HOKA Athlete Dave Scott, 6 time Ironman winner

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