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The Tree Atop Priya’s

Posted on October 08 2009

Lum, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your texts two nights ago but I was preoccupied with sleeping at 2 am, so I’ll respond to them here. I’m sad to hear what happened but I’m glad that you turned to running for help. It puts a huge smile on my face knowing that when you need a pick me up, you go out and pound some miles, and then tell me about it right after; because that’s exactly what I would do. You’ve always inspired me to work harder, to never be satisfied, and even if you’re down there enjoying that nice San Diego weather, your teachings rest me and I’ve been trying to spread them out to the whole team. Even if you fell out of Varisty last season, you were still the glue that kept us together, you believed in us when we were failing, and you were always there for the team; whether it was chasing us around a course and cheering us on, or putting in the miles with us, or lining up on the starting line, putting your hand in the center, and yelling “Vikes on 3!”. Life goes on up here and I wish you were here to experience this last season for us. Your advice of keeping the family going is really starting to make sense to me, even though it seems the last of the XC family are graduating this year, there are plenty of underclassmen that we know will uphold our silly traditions, will always work their hardest, and will always strive to make Lynbrook proud. I never got to ask you if you enjoyed your senior year in XC as much as possible, but now after those 5 texts, I know that you have.

There are a few things in life that stick with you, and it fills my heart to know that running has stuck with you.

Just know that even if you’re 600 miles away, you’ll always find some love in running and home will always be here for you. You’ll always be the big scary sophomore to me, and we’ll always be your team.


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