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There’s Something About Kuo

Posted on April 16 2010

I could write about Arcadia, about how poorly I ran in my race or I could write about the rain run we had on Monday or our attempt at Black Mountain on Wednesday… but those really aren’t worthy of a post. Arcadia was just a meet, Monday wasn’t sloshed through the hills, and even though I am proud of everyone that came on that run on Wednesday, we didn’t make it to the top, so I’ll save that post for next week.

For now though, I’ll focus on someone who wasn’t there on either day, but who has been working his ass off all year. Last year we all thought he was lazy and a wasted talent, but something clicked for him this year. The thing that really makes me happy is that he doesn’t run just because he’s good at it, he runs because he loves it. And even though it doesn’t look like it or he doesn’t admit it, he truly does. I could tell when he went all out at our Cross Country meets to get us the valuable points we needed, when he came along with us on all our mud runs, rain runs, hill runs, and everything in between. But the moment he showed it to me the most was when he texted me and said “Hey let’s go for a hella hard run tomorrow”, that was the moment I knew he didn’t just run, but that he is a runner.

That run was simply amazing, it was stormy, wet, cold, muddy, slippery, windy, and very, very dangerous. The trails were breaking, trees were fallen over, and there were potholes the size of Varun (okay so the potholes weren’t that big). I kept thinking that halfway through he’d want to stop or slow down, but we just kept running, we both fell down mulitple times, but he never stopped, he wouldn’t let himself stop. As the miles piled on we just kept pushing through the cold, as we reached the top of the switchbacks our run became even more dangerous as the sun had finally set.

There we were, 3 miles away from the car in a muddy Fremont Older, in the rain, in the dark, with who knows what lurking in the bushes. Now if I were alone on this run, I would be terrorized. But having him there, having a fellow runner that besides the horrible conditions and the knowledge that we had to get back to the car for our own safety, something about it just calmed me. We pressed on through the night and enjoyed every single step we took. The most beautiful sight was watching the town below us slowly begin to turn on it’s lights, dads coming home from work, moms calling the kids for dinner, old couples watching TV, and here we are covered in mud, freezing, and yet we’re the most comfortable out of all of them, because we didn’t listen to our needs, we listened to our wants and we went back to nature, where humans and animals both belong. We went back to our most primeval instincts and forgot all the fears that humans have of the wilderness, and let it take us back.

To be completely honest I haven’t been on a Runner’s High in a while, it’s unfortunate, but just like anything else, the longer you wait, the better it gets. I just know that someday I’ll be able to break loose and find that amazing feeling again.

Kuo, you’re a great runner, and you’ve proven to me and I hope also yourself, that you have an amazingly bright future ahead of you. We all have our problems, just know that whenever you have one your team and a nice long run will be there for you. You’re young and you’ve got a ton of talent. You have two years left to be on this wonderful team and even though we may not be there every single day, it’s going to be your job to be Team Captain next year, you know you can do it, you’re going to be the one that everyone looks up to and you’re going to be the one that keeps our XC Boys traditions alive. Next year this will be your team, and I’m confident that you’re going to take them far.

But first let’s focus on this year, and this team. We have half a season left together, let’s make the most out of it. Next week we’re running Black Mountain and I don’t care who or what hurts, we’re making it to the top, all of us.

Next year it’ll be your job to yell…

Vikes on three! Vikes on three!




Woh Bundy.

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