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There’s Something about the Rain

Posted on June 27 2009

What is it? I don’t know where to begin, but I think it’s very similar
to why we run at night.

Just like in the middle of the night, when the rain is pouring,
society holes itself up, and while everyone brings in their laundry,
closes their windows, and turns on the heater, runners find a pair of
short shorts, a fresh t-shirt, and lace up their running shoes.

Running down the last stretch of road before you reach the hills the
expressions of drivers passing you are all the same, they all wonder
“are you crazy?”, our answer is simple: “yes”. The hills that scare us
in dry weather become less painful and even more enjoyable. Every
misstep, slip, and slide is received with a smile. The rain falls from
the heavens, harder and harder, drenching my shorts, my shirt, and my
hair. It makes my shoes heavier, my socks browner, and my heart

There are very few things as pleasing as a long run in the pouring
rain, not to mention running during a thunderstorm when the sun has
just set. With your eyes rendered useless you set off into the
darkness, feeling each raindrop hit your face as you dig deeper and
deeper. Letting everything hang out on that last painful hill, pushing
your legs as hard as they can, telling your mind that the next step
won’t be as painful as the one before. As you look up you see the
crest of the hill and you expend your last ounce of energy on
conquering the hill.

As you catch your breath and look off into the distance you once again
know the answer to that ever present question; “Why do we run in the
rain?”. The beauty of the answer is that I can’t write it down for
you, no one can. No word is beautiful or deep enough to express the
simple beauty of standing ontop of the world in your running shorts
with rain streaming down your face.

Running in the rain erases everything, it erases the stress of today,
the tears of yesterday, and the better days I long for.

And so I set off into the rain with only three things in mind; seeing
the look on people’s faces, feeling the rain on my
skin, and running my heart out.

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