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Thinking About Writing a Book…

Posted on July 12 2010

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Thought I’d throw this out there since it’s been occupying my mind lately – I figure if I write it down publicly I won’t be able to avoid following through. I’ve long had the desire to write a book (I am a stuffy academic after all…), and I’m just now starting to seriously contemplate the idea. With a sabbatical from teaching coming up this Fall, I should have time to get things rolling, and I have a theme coalescing in my mind. Something about finding yourself through running, and being willing to take risks along the road of life. I have a personal story to tell, and have been toying with the idea of incorporating those inspiration stories of others that I know in the on-line running world. Too many running books focus on the elites athletes and coaches – it’s time we everyday runners had a chance to tell our story.

I’m only just starting to think things through, and the seemingly monumental amount of effort this might require is quite frightening. I’ll be looking to my readers for support if I do it, and any advice and encouragement you might have would be much appreciated. Stay tuned…

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