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This Is a Hard One.

Posted on October 07 2008

I’ve run down to Stevens Creek Canyon Park. I know how long and steep that downhill is. I always wondered how it would be to run up it. Thank You Hank. Now I know.

Start running, take off fast. I feel good. Push the first few uphills. Maybe I should save some for later… nah. Get to the downhill and start going down. Faster and faster, I feel like I’m flying. No one around me. Get to the dam, time to turn back. This is going to be painful. Start running up the hill, damn this is hard. Hank: “This is a hard one. This hill is hard.” Thanks Hank, I didn’t know. Pushing harder and harder. Seeing the relieved look on the faces of people who get to turn around when they see me. Pass Jake: “Luca, you don’t know how confident you are!” I’m pretty confident that I’m going to die going up this hill. A mile and a half of straight uphill. Not slight uphill, not rolling hills. A mile and a half of Priya’s. One more hill. Give it all I have left and with 20 yards to the crest, sprint like crazy. Run back to the parking lot. I should be tired, but I’m not. Biggest runner’s high ever. I want to run some more. Thank You Hank for this run. It was amazing.

When I was running up that uphill I kept thinking to myself: “I hate this hill. I hate it so much. I never want to run it again. This is so hard.” As soon as I get to the top and start running downhill I wonder where all the uphill went. I miss that hill that tries to bring me down but I won’t let it push me down. Instead I run up it, conquering it, making it my hill. In terms of difficulty I have to admit that this is harder than Priya’s. I’m sorry Priya, but while you are a 10 push-up hill, this is a 20 push-up hill. I love running hills, I love staring up at the top and doubting myself but then as soon as I set foot on it, I know that I wont rest until get over the crest. You guys looked good today. Amrit, Lum, Jang, Gene, AJ, all of you. Don’t ever doubt yourselves, don’t say that you’re going to run bad or have a bad race because if you decide that, it’s bound to happen. Running is always a big question mark, it’s up to you to run as hard as you can.

This hill is much like our season. The beginning is all downhill, easy 2 mile races that don’t matter. The 2nd half is one long grueling uphill that will test our will. How dedicated are we? Are we going to lace up our shoes and own the uphill or are we going to stop and take a breather? Are we going to pull to the side of the road and take a rest? No, we are better than that. We are strong and never give up. That’s what makes us runers. Not just any runners, Cross Country Runners.

We are on the final uphill. Heartbreak hill. Will we own it or will it own us? That is up to us and we’re going to need 3 things to make it up this hill. A pair of running shoes, a heart that wont let us stop, and most of all, love. Love for cross country, love for the pain, the hills, the sprints, the mud, the rain, the cold, the hot, the smiles, the tears. One last hill. We can do it guys.

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