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This. Is. Running!

Posted on July 09 2010

I’ll start off by “Yeah Okaying” myself for the title – I’ll explain it later.

Today was a shorter run distance wise but still 42 minutes along the river. I went with Silvia today and although it wasn’t a very challenging run, it was nice to run at a leisurely pace and give myself a day to rest my legs before my 60-65 minute run tomorrow. It wasn’t very eventful, a bit cooler than yesterday and not as humid but still pretty darn hot. The one thing that did happen during the run though is that I forced my sister to not give up, I wouldn’t let rest when she said she was tired. Now of course this makes me sound like the worst brother ever, but the truth is that one must decide; “do I want to win the race, or do I need to win the race?” if one simply wants to win a race, he will find an excuse if he cannot accomplish his goal, but if one needs to win then coming in second best is unacceptable and what your mind thinks, your body will follow. Where the title comes in is that I was watching 300 earlier today and one of the best quotes from the movie is when King Leonidas tells his son “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle” now even though most people don’t bleed when they  run, the lesson stands; the harder your work in training, the easier the races will be.

I’ll be home in a week and as much as I love being here, I can’t wait to get back out to California and tear up those amazing trails, until then though I’ll be running along the river which is actually rather creepy, I say this because I found a truck that’s been completely burnt and melted next to the trail and a car flipped over in the middle of the river…I’ll take pictures tomorrow if you guys don’t believe me.

Until then,

Woh Bundy.

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