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Posted on September 13 2009

Has taken it’s toll on my legs, but man was it worth it.

Two races, felt great in both. I really hope this will last throughout the season (knocks on wood) I’m bound to have a few bad races and I’ll accept them as they come, forget them, and move on, but for now I feel good. I’m ready for Hawaii, I’m ready to take the team on this 8 week long journey to CCS.

You guys have been running great, Varun, Kuo, and DiBiase especially.

Varun, you ran your first ever XC race in the heat, with an injured achilles and you ran an amazing time. Hopefully you recover fully by the time we leave for the Aloha State but this first and last season for you is looking to be a promising one. Just keep focused and remember what our goal is, states.

Kuo, you have the talent, and you put in the work most of the time, if you just put in that little extra bit during practice you have an amazing Sophomore year ahead of you. You need to run in the front with us and we’re going to need you if we want to win Hawaii and if we want to make states.

DiBiase, from being the guy that almost got a medal at Firebird Invite freshmen year, to making Hawaii your senior year, and as 5th man, that’s an amazing improvement. You need to stay focused though, the season is long and you being on varsity isn’t only for Hawaii, I expect you to run on varsity year long and if we share that car ride to Fresno, you better be “DJing” it.

Amrit, you need to be mentally prepared for these races, you have the talent, you put in all the work, but you need to get yourself ready for the race. I made the same mistake last year, I just wanted the races to be over, I didn’t focus and give 110% every single race. That’s what you need to do, you need to push through the pain, block everyone else out, and just run the best race of your life. Hawaii awaits us and I have a feeling this will be your break out race.

Everyone else on the team has also been running great, I’m proud of every single one of you guys. Running isn’t an easy thing to do, nor is it an easy thing to love; but when it all falls into place, it’s amazing.

5 4 days left until Hawaii, the wait is killing me.


The road to States is a long one, but if we take some time to look at the beauty around us, we’ll be there in no time.

Woh Bundy.

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