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This Week In Runblogging: 3/17-3/23 2014

Posted on March 24 2014

As I hinted at last week, I think I’m going to make an effort to do a weekly roundup-style post. I may not get one done every week, but my goal going forward is to try to get something up every Sunday/Monday recapping things that I have read and/or written in the previous week. I’m also toying with the idea of making this the one weekly mailing to my newsletter subscribers since, quite frankly, I suck at sending out post notifications in a timely manner.

So here goes week 2!

Posts last week on Runblogger:

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March 19, 2014

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March 19, 2014

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March 18, 2014

Running posts from around the web:

1. New Balance MT110v2 Review. Jeremy C. over at Purposeless Play posted a review of the much anticipated New Balance MT110v2. I say “much anticipated” because this shoe represents a major overhaul to a favorite among trail runners, and it will be interesting to see how the changes are received. Jeremy reports better traction, better comfort, but has concerns about drainage and increased weight. Check out his full MT100v2 review for more.

2. A good post by Nick Jenkins on why you shouldn’t always listen to bloggers like me when it comes to advice on shoe sizing. We all have differently shaped feet, and though I can compare fit from one shoe to another on my feet, that might not apply to you. Also, I don’t run mountains, Nick does, so his needs with regard to space in a shoe may differ than my needs on the road and mild trails.

3. A short post on plantar fasciitis by Kelly O’Mara. I’ve had it, it sucks, and she’s looking for advice/suggestions. Lots of interesting comments! Kelly also got a lot of responses to her query about drinking alcohol while training seriously.

4. Stefan over at The Running Swede posted the first review I have seen of the Skechers GoBionic 2. I’ve been asked about the future of the GoBionic frequently over the past few months, and have been running in various iterations of the shoe myself since last summer. Just got back from 8 miles in them and should have my own review up this week. Yes, they do exist, and they were just added to the Skechers online store.

5. Nick Campitelli, who I met briefly when we both happened to be at the Magic Kingdom on the same day, reviews another shoe I’ve been asked about frequently: the New Balance Fresh Foam 980. I will admit that I feel compelled to share a review in which Nick uses an X-Ray machine to measure heel-forefoot drop (with his foot inside the shoe):

Campitelli NB 980 Xray

6. My coach, Caleb Masland, wrote a great post about why you need to take care of yourself when you are training hard. He recently fainted at a friend’s house and attributed it to a lack of sleep (his infant daughter is not a good sleeper yet, been there) and poor fueling on the day of a long, hard run. A good cautionary tale.

If you have posts you’d like to share with me, tag them with #runradar on Twitter or Facebook, or Tweet me at @runblogger. I find most of these posts via following blogs in Feedly – if you have a blog and write about running frequently, feel free to leave your RSS feed link in the comments!

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