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Thou Shalt Not Laugh at a Fellow Runner

Posted on February 13 2014

This week a video of a runner wiping out on a snowy street went viral – if you haven’t seen it yet have a look:

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the situation.

I’ve been lucky so far this winter. Given the cold, we’ve had snow and ice on the sidewalks for most of the winter so far in New Hampshire, and until today I hadn’t yet taken a spill.

I was running with my dog Jack, and we were 4 miles into an easy run when I hit a patch of sheer ice. The moment I hit the ice the world slowed down. I felt like I was in the Matrix. I knew I was going down, it was only a matter of where and how hard. Somehow I alerted myself to the fact that a minivan was approaching just a bit down the road. They were going to see me fall, there was no avoiding it. The video above raced through my head.

I initially thought there was no way I would avoid plowing into the icy sidewalk. Damage would be done.

Fortunately, Jack hadn’t noticed my predicament and he kept running ahead. He pulled the leash taught and tugged me forward, and I think I was able to get one additional step in as a result. It was enough that it allowed me to propel myself head first into a 3 foot snowbank next to the sidewalk. Crisis averted, but I was a snowy mess. And the minivan witnessed the entire thing.

Today the running gods mad me pay for snickering at a fellow runner. I suppose I deserved it.

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