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Thoughs on Food and Obesity by Airforce Ted on the You Don’t Have To Run Alone Podcast

Posted on July 16 2010

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast by a friend and fellow minimalist and dailymile runner named Ted Beveridge (@AirForceTed on Twitter – see picture at left). Ted is an amazing runner with an inspirational personal story of weight loss accomplished by getting active and changing his eating habits. His podcast, You Don’t Have to Run Alone, details his running adventures, his love for military aircraft, and lately, his thoughts on food and the epidemic of obesity currently occurring in the United States.

I was listening to one of Ted’s “Food Rants” on a recent episode of his podcast (Episode 19 to be exact – here’s the Itunes link), and was impressed by his willingness to express his emotions on the topic of childhood obesity as forcefully as he did. He is a guy that truly cares about the welfare of our nation’s young people, and he gave a passionate explanation in that episode regarding why the obesity epidemic is potentially even a problem from a national security standpoint.

I felt compelled to send a message to Ted regarding his rant, and he was kind enough to place it as the opening segment to his latest episode (#22), in which he and Megan from the Run Vegan Run podcast discuss their thoughts on nutrition and obesity. Ted’s podcast is well worth your subscription, but at the very least I recommend that you check out episode 19 and episode 22. I’d love to hear what you think!

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