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Thoughts on “Form” from 1908: Bliss Carman on the Development of Graceful and Efficient Motion

Posted on May 13 2012

Bliss Carman

Bliss Carman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animal motion is good through being instinctive and free, and our own motion can only become graceful when those qualities are ensured for it.”

-Bliss Carman, The Making of Personality, 1908

In my previous post I shared several passages about “barefoot shoes” from a 1908 book titled The Making of Personality by Canadian poet Bliss Carman. I’ve been reading a bit more of the book, and in a chapter titled “Rhythms of Grace,” Carman once again writes about a topic that has been oft discussed amongst runners in recent years: form. Carman has a beautiful writing style, and the following passage is particularly good – I really like the part about the development of form in children:

Here is another great passage – particularly relevant to any discussion about how to change one’s running form:

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