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Time to fly in heaven

Posted on January 21 2017

13240559_1163843616991458_1444044851073886257_n“Toward the end of June last year, I got a phone call that would change the direction of my life and the lives of my family members. I heard my step-father’s voice whisper, ‘Your mom has ALS.’ Time stood still in that moment. I flashed back through the years of countless experiences where her positive attitude, kind expressions of love and limitless patience got her through some very difficult times. Who would’ve known that those were the building blocks to help her on this new course of life. Her grit and fire while pushing through these months — and through her entire life — fuel and push me deeper into my sport. And, I know that no matter what could come up along the race course, I could find the strength to be positive and make it through to the finish. In ultra-racing, it’s common to hike the hills, run the downs and shuffle through the in-betweens. You take what the course gives you and manage the situations based on your training. My mom has been training for this moment all her life. She is finishing her race and she is winning. Time to fly, mom. I love you.” – HOKA Fan Tara Warren

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