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True Friends

Posted on January 02 2011

This is it, a brand new year. You are probably all expecting a post about my running goals or something like that, but not just yet. Running has been great but right now there is something of greater importance (yes, I said it); friends.

I have the best friends in the entire universe. It’s as simple as that.

Lots of things in life are ephemeral; I will not be able to run someday, loves come and go, and the places we love also seem to find a way to get away from us. But friends, true friends, now those are for life.

So for those of you that fill my life with laughter and smiles day in and day out, what does true friendship mean to you?

For me it’s as simple as this; no matter what, friends have each others back. Whether it’s driving 150 miles for no apparent reason, calling each other up with nothing in mind, just wanting to hang out, or running blindly into the night, not worried about the steps taken or the steps that need to be taken, but enjoying the present for all that it is and letting go of everything else.

Thank you guys, this break has been amazing, last summer was amazing, and every day is amazing knowing that I honestly do have the best friends in the world.

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