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Update to My Minimalist Running Shoe Guide

Posted on May 24 2012

Saucony Kinvara 3My minimalist running shoe guide has consistently been my top performing post for over a year now. However, due to the work that went into assembling it and the explosion of minimalist shoes that have come out since I originally wrote he guide in 2010, I have not spent the time needed to update it as initially planned. Today I finally got around to doing a full update, and instead of attempting to list every shoe that could be considered even remotely minimalist, I opted to trim it down and simply provide my top recommended shoes in each of five categories (all are shoes I have run in myself):

  • Zero Drop, Minimal Cushion (aka Barefoot-Style Shoes)
  • Zero Drop, Cushioned
  • 0-6mm Drop Road Shoes
  • 0-6mm Drop Trail Shoes
  • Racing Flats

If you think of running shoes as tools, these are the five categories that I would include in my personal running toolbox. If I had to cull my running shoe collection to just five shoes, I would most likely choose one from each of these categories – they would cover all of my personal running needs.

Click here to view my updated minimalist running shoe guide.

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