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Usain Bolt Running Form While Sprinting and Jogging

Posted on January 10 2012

The below videos provide some great footage of Usain Bolt’s sprinting and jogging gaits. In the first, you’ll notice that Bolt has the characteristic ball-of-of foot touchdown seen in sprinters, and it appears that most of the time his heel does not touch down at all (note – distance runners should not attempt to emulate Bolt’s sprinting form!). It’s amazing to watch how he reaches out with his lower leg, but then pulls it back so that he lands close to his body with a nearly vertical shin (I apologize for the ads that show up on the video, it’s not my video and I have no control over their ads):

The second clip shows Bolt jogging along a track during what appears to be a post-sprint cool-down. Gait is quite different, and he appears to now bring the heel down after landing on his forefoot, and in some cases he may be landing flat. However, he’s clearly not overstriding and mashing his heels into the ground just because he’s running slowly!

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