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Vibram Fivefingers Bikila: Coming in April!

Posted on March 31 2010

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila
Vibram Fivefingers Bikila (from

Like many fans of the Vibram Fivefingers line of minimalist shoes, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new VFF Bikila, the first Fivefingers model designed specifically for runners. The Bikila features, among other things, a new sole design, as well as a padded ankle cuff that will hopefully minimize some of the blistering issues that I’ve had when running sockless in my KSO’s.

Today, Vibram USA CEO and President Tony Post published a note on the Vibram Fivefingers Facebook page indicating that, among other tidbits of Vibram-related news, the Bikila should be hitting stores sometime in late April (perhaps not so coincidentally, right around Boston Marathon time!). Here’s the direct Bikila-related quote from his note:

When will the new Bikila arrive? Some of you have been running in Vibram FiveFingers since 2006 – in fact, since March of 2006 it’s the only shoe I’ve used for running. And despite all the progress we have made since our launch, we never really had a FiveFingers product designed SPECIFICALLY FOR running — until now. As Vibram’s #1 running product tester, I can tell you that I love this new Bikila platform – especially for longer runs. It offers a little more protection to the metatarsal heads, without compromising that barefoot sensation; the fit is secure and comfortable, and the shoe just feels FAST.

Look for the new Bikila to start hitting the first stores in late April. We are flying in the first 25K pair, but I doubt we will be able to keep up with the initial demand. We ask for your patience, as we will work diligently to bring you this new product.” – Tony Post, Vibram USA CEO and President

Sounds like the Bikila is going to be pretty hard to come by for awhile – I look forward to trying them out, and you can be sure I’ll be writing about them here on the blog if I’m able to get ahold of a pair!

To read more about the Vibram Fivefingers line of shoes, check out my Vibram post page here.

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