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Posted on January 24 2017

14650332_1310744635634688_788260353714195647_n“There’s always been a wanderlust in my blood. A desire to not stand still, to be in nature, in new places and to share them with my children and my husband. But as time went on, I was feeling so confined within a corporate job and only getting a few weeks of the year to travel. I kept thinking, ‘Is this it? Is this all we get?’ I have always had a strong work ethic, and I never thought I could ever leave a job to do something that on the surface seemed so wild, so irresponsible, so different from our cultural norms. And to do it with a family? I never thought it was possible, even though I dreamed about it for years.

Finally, the stars aligned and the universe was telling me—it’s time, it’s time to go. You can work your whole life, but you may never get another chance to go do something big like this anytime soon. I finally stopped caring what everyone thought, so we went.” – HOKA Athlete Jen Benna on her family’s move to Alaska.

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