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Wanted: run mojo

Posted on January 05 2017


“I’ve been looking for my run mojo. I’m not quite sure why, when, where or how I lost it — I just know that it’s been absent for a while and I miss it. I had it in 2005, when I finished my first marathon. I definitely had it in 2009, when I finished my first IRONMAN. Not that I’ve always been a runner or an athlete. In spite of my father’s best efforts, I hated running when I was a kid. It wasn’t until college and law school, after meeting my now-husband and spending entirely too much time with my head in books, that I understood the allure and felt the pull of running. It’s something different for each of us, and for me it is my time to mentally disconnect. To de-stress, get some space. It has never been about how fast I could go — it’s about not thinking. Any day I can tell my brain to shut up is a good day. I’m relatively new to HOKA. But so far, they’ve been whispering ‘shut up and run’, and I think I see my mojo just around the corner.”-HOKA fan Debra Slifkin

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