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Wanting to fly

Posted on December 28 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-12-27-at-3.18.24-PM“I have always wanted to fly. I’ve spent my whole life exploring the outdoors and in 2015 I started learning to paraglide. Not long after, I started speed flying, which is paragliding down a steep slope with skis. I made an error and crashed into the ground going really fast. It’s a pretty unforgiving situation. I broke my leg and pelvis and spent about four months in a hospital bed. My crash made me learn about pain, patience and most importantly, compassion. My self-identity was deeply informed by my physical self. After I realized I would never be the same, I was forced to separate my own self-image from what I had always been. I still aspire to be that, but I’ve had to dig deep and appreciate the abilities that I still possess. I have an active career as a musician and I was able to write music and play the guitar through most of my recovery. Music is a healing element for most people and I count myself among that number now more than I ever have.” – HOKA fan Tim Bluhm from San Francisco, CA

Tim’s favorite shoe is the Challenger.


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