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Where Have I Been?

Posted on November 23 2018

Peter Larson RunbloggerI was just updating my annual Black Friday post and a couple of comments had asked where I have been. Obviously from the recent post history here on Runblogger, this site is not a place I have been much for the past few years. The reason for this is pretty straightforward – in the Fall of 2016 I returned to teaching full time, this time around as a high school science teacher at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy in Northwood, NH. If you’ve ever been a teacher, particularly at the elementary or high school level, you will know that it’s a demanding job without a lot of down time. In contrast, when I was a college professor teaching only a class or two a day, I had lots of time to pursue other interests in addition to my professional work. Needless to say, free time for blogging largely dried up when I started teaching again, and I made the decision to prioritize work and family over my online writing projects.

Though I enjoyed writing this site as a full-time job for a bit, I quickly realized that although it was financially rewarding for a time (now I mostly make enough from the post archive to just cover hosting and maintenance costs), it was not a career I wanted to sustain over the long term, and returning to teaching was a very positive move for me. I’m happy to say that I love my job, even if it is more demanding than just about anything else I have done professionally in my life. Currently, I am teaching Honors Biology, AP Biology, and College Prep Zoology. I’m fortunate to work at a great school with a supportive administration, wonderful colleagues, and some really awesome kids (hard to believe, but my oldest son is now one of them!).

I have not bee running nearly as much as I used to, but my aforementioned son is doing indoor track this winter (he’s a Freshman), and I’m hoping to join in as many workouts as I can since I’m his ride home and I have to stick around anyway (no excuses!). He seems to have inherited my love of shoes, but in his case it’s mainly soccer cleats (his favorite sport). Regarding soccer, my obsession with running has shifted to that sport, and when I’m not in school, I can usually be found on a soccer field as a coach or spectator. Over the past year and a half I’ve been coaching U10 boys (school and club), and actually got the chance to travel to England in April so that my oldest son could train with his club team (Seacoast Express United) at the Brighton and Hove Albion club training facilities. I’ve become a huge fan of professional soccer, and even got to attend two games while I was in England (Watford vs. Crystal Palace at Vicarage Road, and Arsenal vs. West Ham at Emirates Stadium). It’s looking like I may be able to go again in 2019 – can’t wait!

So, in summary, life has taken me in new and different directions over the past few years, but the change has been good I’ve wound up in a very good place. At some point I may start writing again, or maybe have my son take on a few track spike reviews. I have a little bug in my brain that I’d like to try out a masters track meet some time, but just need to re-find the discipline to train.

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