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XC Camp

Posted on August 03 2009

I’ll start off with saying sorry that this took so long, and I’ll continue by telling you how I’m going to do this.

This was an XC trip, and a damn good one at that. So this deserves to be done Julia/Lum style. Here goes.

Only 5 people? AJ’s “fast” driving. 4/8 miler on the beach. Slurping and maps. All the bikers with brightly colored jackets. Hank finding a running partner. Where is the barn? How long is this damn run going to take? Engels/”Englishman” loop. THE chick. Lunch by the highway. The first taste of GO2 cola, definitely not the last. Setting up Jake’s tent, after a few tries. Amrit eats shit on the logs. Street soccer tournament. Amrit and I set our first record, 14. Our afternoon run, uphill, downhill, observatory. Sandy downhill, Jump! Jump! Taking pictures of Amrit in the bathroom. The Coon arrives. Chicken for the carnivores, beans for Amrit. AJ’s interesting bowl cleaning method. First night in the tent. Stuck in the middle. “Just bang ___ and get it over with!” Hank telling us to keep it down. Amrit having to talk to Hank. Day 2 run. Varun eating dirt, and dust. The bridge. AJ’s great communication skills. Redwood Grove. The nose tree. Running back with Hank. “I don’t remember this being so steep” Usual lunch of chips, sandwiches, and apples. “You guys just aren’t horny enough”. SLV for swimming. The savage. Hot lifeguard. Really hot girl getting it on with her boyfriend. The Coon watching them. Heads up 5up. Volleyball. The girl that Hank found. Dirty bathrooms. Our “running adventure.” Is this a trail? We’re going to get shot here. Climbing up the roots. Ben&Jerry. Making Amrit cross the river on the log. Varun finding the shorter way. In&Outs for a lap. Team picture, yeah…right. All out sprint at the end. Sponsored lanes on the track. Saying goodbye to AJ and Ben. Safeway in Felton, misfits. Amrit looking at every single Mazda. Back to camp for hamburgers, and “Portabella” burgers. Talks of Jakes 30-40 girlfriends. Second night in the tent, even louder. The next morning our neighbors complain. 9 miler? Yeah, okay Jake. 14.5 Miles of pain, pain, and more pain, well atleast for Varun that is. Amrit getting in the “zone”. Jake is MIA. 3 water bottles and 3 GO2s after the run. No afternoon run, thank “gah” Heading down to the creek. Skipping stones. THE girl. and her boyfriend… Taking pictures of the “water”. Walking back barefoot, maybe not a great idea. Ocean St. Meeting Gene and Lum. Lum being boring. Drama Queen. Smores, fail. Back to the tent. Louder than ever. “I ordered my frame yesterday!” Deep talks about girls. Everything going back to Vivek. Okaying the Coon. Cyrus. Awake at 9, again. Run to the beach, 12 miler…right. Fording the river, slowly. “Ow, my balls!”. “Chill the f–k out!”. Rock climbing V2. Back on the highway. Rincon? U-Con? What? Getting lost, once again. Reach the top, this is long. Firetrucks. Amrit’s dump. The Coon and Amrit throw in the towel, after an hour and twenty minutes of running… Spaghetti, Slowskiy, and Sack carry on towards the ocean. 40 minutes of downhill, perfect for Gene. Waiting for Lum, forever. “Are you going to keep up that pace?” “Yes”. Running it all in at 2 hours. Hank beating us by seven minutes. Back to the campground, more GO2. Lum and Gene take off. Off to the boardwalk. Our first encounter with the milf. Hank and Jake seeing her too. The Giant Dipper, Varun is scared. Hurricane, me in the front, them in the back, as usual. Bumper cars, retard owning the Coon. more and more girls. Log flume, doing the Coon. Sitting on the bench for some “scouting” taking more pictures of the “beach”. Taqueria SC version for dinner. “GIANT” burrito. Talks about wives and sleeping on the couch. Talks of dead animals on the way home. The Coon takes off. And then there were two. One more night of deep talks, and not so deep talks. Up at 9…again. Forrest of Nisene. We’re going to take this run easy…until we saw people ahead of us. Getting lost, one last time. Vivek in the stroller. Final sprint.

Cross the line…

And just like that, another camp to remember forever.

Thanks you Amrit for never making it a dull moment.

Thank you Varun for being the Coon.

Thank you Jake for all the girl advice and great maps.

Thank you AJ for coming with us and not telling us we were going the wrong way.

Thank you Ben for surviving your first experience with the XC Boys.

And most of all Thank you Hank for taking time to camp with a bunch of hormonal seventeen year old boys that only talk about girls and Vivek.

Here’s what I snapped.


The first view.



Ah, the ocean,


The first time we had to stop for directions, certainly not the last.


First team picture.


And first team lunch.


For some reason Jake thought sleeping in his car was more comfortable than a sleeping bag on an air mattress. Go figure.


I won’t put a caption for this but Amrit knows what I’m thinking.


Tent, sweet tent.


Jake giving us “accurate” directions.


Varun after tripping on the smallest root you have ever seen.


Inside a redwood.


The nose tree. We just had to.


Hank is still a stud.


No caption.


I have no idea why we found this so funny.


Don’t you really really hate it when this happens?


One hour and forty two minutes of pain. With some fun mixed in of course.


My picture of the “water”


Take two.


My actual picture of the water.


The Coon staring off in the distance. At the girl.


When walking a mile barefoot happens.


Our tent along with doormat at night.


Gearing up for our run to the beach.


“Ugh, uphill!”


Getting ready to ford the river, Oregon Trail style.


Alright, shoes and socks off everyone.


Just to capture Amrit’s paranoia of getting wet on camera.


These pictures were taken by Lum since I’m in them.


I took this one, I don’t know why I love photographing my feet so much.


I also really hate it when this happens, but at the same time I love it. Feeling the water squish under your feet every step of the way. It’s just relaxing.


I don’t see how it took us twenty minutes to put our shoes and socks back on…then again Gene was with us.


Just look in the background.


I did my best to drain it out though since 12 miles in wet shoes isn’t that relaxing.


As Gene would say; “Hello Mr.Lobster!”


This is rock climbing.


Once again, we needed directions.


As much as I like biking, these trails belong to runners, it’s as simple as that.


I have never used a map so much in my life.


I really liked this and the story behind it. There is no sense getting all riled up for trivial things, I know people crossing the finish line is pretty fastidious, but we all seem to get all worked up for little things. Everyone just needs to take a deep breathe and let the world carry on as it should.


The Coon trembling in his boots before the Giant Dipper.



What I was pretending to take pictures of, even though I must say this came out pretty well.


“How big is a giant burrito?” “|—————————| oh about this big”


I don’t see how he can eat that without any meat in it.


1+ feet of burrito down the hatch.


Ten second auto-timer. Amrit knows what I’m talking about.


I’m gonna get Amrit one of these for his 6.


And then there were four. Thanks guys.

The point of this post wasn’t just to put up my pictures from XC camp, it’s about more than that. It’s about creating memories that will stick with you for a lifetime. Life is short and when we’re all old we’ll need something in the past to look back on. Well this will be my past someday. All the runs, the trips, the laughs, the finish line. They will all me in my head and in my heart until the day I die. Since that day is hopefully a long ways away, I’ll keep on creating memories with my dusty/muddy/wet running shoes.

Woh Bundy.

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