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ONEMIX - a Chinese self-owned sneakers brand born in 2013, established by PUTIAN ONEMIX E-COMMERCE CO., LTD.  It involves the business of shoes' designing, developing, manufacture, sales, brand marketing, industrial upgrading supply chain service for a distributor and so on. It has an experience of high-end sports shoe line more than 10 years in Europe and America market and focus on the light and comfortable running design concept, advocating health running and fashionable. Let the customers feel the free and comfortable wearing experience.  

 Why not? 

ONEMIX is a sports lifestyle brand which loves playing, blending, and have its own thoughts.

From one pair of sneakers, we always seek for the feet type which is suitable for young people and the personality sneaker art.

When all people ask why, ONEMIX says "why not".

We are the partner of Europe and America shoemaker, 

We are the designer who stays in the production line all day, 

We  are: